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How I Can Help

Steve Fuchs Health Coaching offers personal health coaching services for competitive and elite youth athletes ages 13-24 in Burlington Vermont (and anywhere in the world via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom). I also provide presentations at no cost to schools, clubs, and teams. I’ll help you feel the direct connection between habits and your athletic performance. Better nutrition creates more stamina. Self-compassion eases performance anxiety. Clearer boundaries create less stress. Consistent structured routines create more enthusiasm and energy. 

Together, we’ll create a personalized structure for lasting success.

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  • Alicia

    “Steve made me feel comfortable right from the start. I was able to get really clear about my priorities between skiing and school. I discovered times when I was procrastinating and we came up with a plan that I really like. He followed up with a summary, and I’m already feeling more relaxed and happy about my life!”

  • Kristin

    "Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, habits, exercise, you name it. But he’s also amazing in the way in which he shares his knowledge. You will always feel heard and understood, always lifted and motivated. I trust him implicitly!"

  • Sue

    "I have worked with Steve for almost 2 years. He listens and provides some new ideas to try to improve my health that I had not thought of myself. His suggestions helped turn my health around and are based on good scientific knowledge. He is there for questions but also does not impose or get too pushy."

  • Matty

    I have known Steve for over 10 years! His professionalism, knowledge and dedication has been unwavering in his pursuit of helping people find healthy lifestyle habits that are right for them. I have and would heartily recommend my friends and family to Steve as I trust him implicitly!

  • David

    In less than a year, Steve has educated me about how to take care of myself almost better than anyone else that I have worked with in my entire (60 yr..) life, including most doctors, on what dietary supplements to take and what foods to eat or not eat to reach the best health. He knows the science behind everything he promotes and he also knows a lot about physical exercises. He is a great resource for people trying to lose weight and/or get back into shape.  I highly recommend him and think you will find it is well worth your time and money.

  • Maggie

    I’ve known Steve for over 20 years as mentor and friend. He brings a positive ‘can do’ spirit to every undertaking and I’ve had the opportunity to taste many of
    his healthy food ideas; YUM!! He continues to be a source of encouragement to me as I Steve to improve my own healthy habits!