We can support our youth athletes so they learn about and challenge themselves – not just in sports – but in their healthy behaviors.

Let’s talk about how to weave consistent daily routines and your family values into a successful, athletic life.


Words of Woodski

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  • Alicia

    “Steve made me feel comfortable right from the start. I was able to get really clear about my priorities between skiing and school. I discovered times when I was procrastinating and we came up with a plan that I really like. He followed up with a summary, and I’m already feeling more relaxed and happy about my life!”

  • Maria (mom)

    "Before connecting Gabriela with Steve, I always felt like I was nagging her to stay on top of school work. The weekly coaching has really made a difference. She's getting better grades now and we have a better relationship."

  • Kristin

    "Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, habits, exercise, you name it. But he’s also amazing how he shares his knowledge. You will always feel heard and understood, always lifted and motivated."

  • Trevon

    "I don't know when I started being so hard on myself, but it really hurt my self-confidence. It's funny how thinking back on my anxiety like you taught me, made it easier to let it go the next time. Thank you Coach Steve."

  • David

    "In less than a year, Steve has educated me about how to take care of myself better than anyone else. He knows the science behind everything he says and he helps me get better. He is a great coach."

  • Maggie

    "I’ve known Steve for over 20 years as mentor and friend to me and my kids. He brings a positive ‘can do’ spirit to every coaching call. And, I’ve had the opportunity to taste many of his healthy food ideas; YUM!! At this point, he's part of the family and continues to be a source of encouragement to us all."