Parents, do you wish your athlete would listen to you as well as they listen to their coaches?

Now’s the time to bottle the natural respect your athlete has for their coaches and let it flow into the rest of their life.

Now’s the time to take the pressure off you and pressure off your relationship.

Put a health coach in your back pocket.

Just like their sport coaches, I can explain things that might only produce an eye roll coming from you:

  • “Your phone is a distraction machine. Put it down and get your rest.”
  • “Mac and cheese is not a food group.”
  • “Progress, not perfection.”

I've designed the curriculum to include skill-building, accountability, and celebration. Here's your opportunity to give them an edge in sport and an edge in life. And take some of the stress off you.

Getting Started

As a first step I offer a free 75 minute introductory health coaching session. I quickly establish rapport. I tap into their motivations and dreams. And before long, they have an action plan to handle one of their top concerns. You’re welcome to be on a portion or entirety of that call.