Parents, do you ever wish your athlete would be as agreeable with you as they are with their coaches?

Now’s the time to bottle the natural respect your athlete has for their coaches and let it flow into the rest of their life.

Now’s the time to take the pressure off you and pressure off your relationship.

Put a health coach in your back pocket.

Just like their sport coaches, I can explain things that might only produce an eye roll coming from you.

How to fit health coaching into a busy schedule:

I’ll bet that you feel like it would be crazy to add one more thing into your athlete’s busy schedule.

I bet you feel like it would be better to put this off until later.

And maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed.

It is hard to be a parent and manage everyone’s schedules and moods and expectations. There’s no magic wand you can wave to make it all go away. But you can hire me to take some of the stress off of you. I've designed the curriculum to include time-management, accountability, and check-ins with you.

Take the natural next step to give your athlete a bigger edge in sport and a larger edge in life.

Getting Started

As a first step I offer a free 50 minute introductory health coaching session. I quickly establish rapport. I tap into their motivations and dreams. And before long, they have an action plan to handle one of their top concerns. You’re welcome to be on a portion or entirety of that call.