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Steve Fuchs Health Coaching

Concierge Coaching

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Recurring monthly fee. Option to cancel at the end of each month. A recurring monthly plan builds trust!

As parents, we all want our children to build strong characters and bright futures.

But with so many competing influences, youth can get distracted from what's important.

Concierge coaching takes all my years of experience as a parent, athlete, personal trainer and health coach and focuses them on your child.

Highly customizable, this unique service gives your child the best chance at success in life and in sport.

Concierge Coaching is a personalized deep dive into character, habits, and performance. All while incorporating your family values and goals.

What you/your athlete will gain from Concierge Coaching:

  • Healthier habits & outcomes
  • Fewer “reminders” from parents
  • An edge in sport performance
  • A mentor-like relationship
  • Better emotional control
  • Greater family harmony
  • Empowered ability to follow through
  • Skills for life


  • Personalized assessment
  • Strategy & check-in sessions with parent/s
  • Weekly zoom, phone or FaceTime calls with your child
  • Priority scheduling – responsive to training & competition schedules
  • Health management & tracking
  • Text coaching as needed

Optional add-ons (additional fee applies):

  • Consulting services for parents
  • Team/coach integration
  • Travel/site visits