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For a limited time, free 30 minute in-person presentations to clubs and schools within 60 miles of Chittenden County, VT, USA.

When does a winning performance start?

Does it start when athletes step on the playing field or into the starting gate?

That’s way too late. It starts every day when they wake up. Every night when they go to sleep. And everything in between.

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  • Be a Sugar Detective

    What are you eating that helps (or harms) your performance?

  • Stop Chocking Under Pressure

    How are you practicing the skills of handling your emotions before competition?

  • Train hard. Recover harder.

    Are you establishing strong habits around sleep and recovery?

  • Food & Performance

    Monthly Habits Calendar
    Meal Consistency
    Better Energy & Stamina
    Size & Strength Nutrition

  • Emotions & Performance

    Dealing with Pressure
    The Stress Sweet Spot
    Stop Choking Under Pressure

  • Daily Habits & Performance

    Identity-Based Goals     
    Behavior-Based Goals
    The Habit Loop - Cue, Craving, Response, Reward

  • Social Life & Performance

    Social Media Usage
    Setting Boundaries around Partying & Staying Up Late     

  • Recovery & Performance

    Health Effects of Chronic Sleep Deficit
    Dealing with Roommates, Friends, & Neighbors
    Sleep Hygiene - Tips and Strategies