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Vermont Health Coach

Lunch & Learn

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Takes place during lunch time and free for groups of 10 or more

15 minutes and up, discussing any of the following topics:

    Food & Performance
    Monthly Habits Calendar
    Meal Consistency
    Better Energy & Stamina
    Be a Sugar Detective     

    Emotions & Performance
    Dealing with Pressure
    The Stress Sweet Spot
    Stop Choking Under Pressure

    Daily Habits & Performance
    Identity-Based Goals     
    Behavior-Based Goals
    The Habit Loop - Cue, Craving, Response, Reward

    Social Life & Performance
    Social Media Usage
    Setting Boundaries around Partying & Staying Up Late     

    Recovery & Performance
    Health Effects of Chronic Sleep Deficit
    Dealing with Roommates, Friends, & Neighbors
    Sleep Hygiene - Tips and Strategies
    $1 payment holds your spot in my schedule. Because this is a custom service, there is an additional charge for this service. Please click "Contact" tab above for a conversation and quote.