Be kind to yourself as your body changes

Hey Woodski!

I’m an eighth grade runner and I used to win all the races, including against the boys. All of a sudden some of the boys are growing muscles while I’m growing stuff that jiggles. It’s causing me to be really down on being a girl. What can I do? I really love competition.   Duster, age 13 (female, track)

Dear Duster,

Well, here’s the thing; boys are growing in ways that boys do at that age… building muscle for strength.

Girl’s bodies have a different agenda. Though women’s bodies exceed men’s in stamina and in other awesome ways, they are also preparing for the possibility of motherhood. Including the stuff that jiggles as you say. But honestly, as a husband of 35 years to a strong woman with curves and father to two girls, Woodski says women’s bodies are a miracle. I hope you’re always proud to live in one.

That said, we all need to make adjustments now and then. Have you found a good sports bra that fits you well?  Are you eating a balanced diet every day? If you try to get rid of those curves by restricting food or by over training, your performance and health will suffer.  

Be proud of your athletic skills, ask for help as needed, and always, always be kind to yourself as your body changes.


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