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Vermont Health Coach

Health Coaching for Competitive Youth Athletes, Virtual - 10 Sessions, extendable

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Avoid burnout, aim for mastery, & have fun.

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines. Many competitive athletes are suffering in silence.

Because physical training will take you only so far.

Consider working with a trusted health coach before pressures or poor habits derail your game.  

A trained health coach will look holistically at ALL areas of your life that connect to your performance – your sleep, nutrition, rest, relationships, stress, mood & emotions, time demands, social time, and focus.

I’ll help you win and enjoy in sport, as well as win and enjoy in life.
   ~ Perform better
   ~ Reduce burnout & injury
   ~ And keep fun in your game

Why trust Steve?

  • Parent of 2-time State Champion Cheerleader (co-captain)
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Non-judgemental
  • Top 15% finisher- Killington "Beast of the East" Spartan Race
  • 2nd degree black belt in Kempo Karate

Virtual coaching includes education, skill-building and accountability in:

  • Hitting student & sport goals
  • Sticking to personal health goals, including sleep & nutrition
  • Self care that improves performance
  • How to quit doomscrolling on your phone
  • Mental coaching & positive self talk
  • Dealing with pressure & setbacks
  • Facts, myths, & safety of performance supplements

    I’ll tailor health coaching to your unique needs, your time frame, and the season in which we begin. For example:


    • Accountability check-ins on training plans & life habits
    • Science-backed injury prevention strategies


    • Stamina, mindset, energy levels
    • Dealing with pressure in positive ways & avoiding negative coping habits


    • Active recovery & habit building for next season (and for life)
    • Balanced training to prevent future injuries


    OPTIONAL PREMIUM ADD-ON for families that want to get healthier together - Combine Elite Youth Athlete Health Coaching with Health Coaching for your entire family. Everyone in your household can be working toward similar goals, having fun, and getting better results. With this add-on, I'll work with up to 4 household members, including athlete. As a bonus, I'll gift you a virtual Pantry Clean Out and Recipe Share along with my Smoothie Recipe e-book. A $109 value. For more information, contact Steve.