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Vermont Health Coach

Health Coaching for Elite Youth Athletes, Virtual - 10 Sessions, extendable

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Avoid burnout, aim for mastery, & have fun.

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines. Many elite-level athletes are suffering in silence.

Because physical training will take you only so far.

Consider working with a trusted health coach before pressures or poor habits derail your game.  

A trained health coach will look holistically at ALL areas of your life that connect to your performance – your sleep, nutrition, rest, relationships, stress, mood & emotions, time demands, social time, and focus.

I’ll help you enjoy and win in sport. And enjoy and win in life.
   ~ Perform better
   ~ Reduce burnout & injury
   ~ And keep fun in your game

Why trust Steve?

  • Parent of 2-time State Champion Cheerleader (co-captain)
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Non-judgemental
  • Top 15% finisher- Killington "Beast of the East" Spartan Race
  • 2nd degree black belt in Kempo Karate

Virtual coaching includes education, skill-building and accountability in:

  • Hitting student & sport goals
  • Sticking to personal health goals, including sleep & nutrition
  • Self care that improves performance
  • How to quit doomscrolling on your phone
  • Mental coaching & positive self talk
  • Dealing with pressure & setbacks
  • Facts, myths, & safety of performance supplements

    I’ll tailor health coaching to your unique needs, your time frame, and the season in which we begin. For example:


    • Accountability check-ins on training plans & life habits
    • Science-backed injury prevention strategies


    • Stamina, mindset, energy levels
    • Dealing with pressure in positive ways & avoiding negative coping habits


    • Active recovery & habit building for next season (and for life)
    • Balanced training to prevent future injuries


    OPTIONAL PREMIUM ADD-ON for families that want to get healthier together - When you combine Elite Youth Athlete Health Coaching with 1:1 Health Coaching for 12 Weeks, everyone in your household can be working toward similar goals, having fun, and getting better results as a family. With this add-on, I'll work with up to 4 household members, including athlete. As a bonus, I'll gift you a virtual Pantry Clean Out and Recipe Share along with my Smoothie Recipe e-book. A $109 value. Simply add both "Elite Youth Athlete Health Coaching" and "1:1 Health Coaching for 12 Weeks" to your cart during checkout.